Product Description

VH1000V/G Air Cooled Chillers Dynaflux
VH1000V/G Water Recirculating Cooling System VH1000V/VH1000G
The VH1000 Cooling System is designed for:
MIG GUNS: up to 500 amps
TIG TORCHES: up to 500 amps
PLASMA WELDERS: up to 150 amps
VH1000 Specifications:
Available with VANE pump (VH1000V) or GEAR pump (VH1000G)
Factory set at 50 psi adjustable to 80 psi
2 gallon reservoir / 1.8 gpm
115 or 230 vac. Single phase 50/60 Hz
12,000 BTU
Dimensions: 9″L x 9″W x 26″H
5/8 LH Std. Inert Gas fittings – 1/4 FPT
8 foot power cord
Visible water level through tank
Thermal Overload
Net Wt. 33 lbs. / 15 kg
Foam Packed for UPS Shipment
Use Dynaflux DEFENSE Anti-Freeze & Pump Lubricant
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