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3 Phase Frequency Converter and
3 Phase Rectified D.C. Resistance Welding Controller

Model 301B Intertron Controllers

  • Unmatched Versatility
  • Programming in English. “No Codes.”
  • 6 Months Memory Retention Without Power
  • Electronic Air Pressure Control
  • Programmable Slope Synthesizer
  • 3 Phase Line Voltage Compensator
  • 140 Weld Schedules Data Retention
  • Multiple Foot Switch Pedal Operation
  • Program Integrity Under Key Control
  • Data Storage on PC
  • Serial Interface to Other Computers
  • Interface With Automation Equipment
  • Intertron Scanner
  • Optional 9 Channel Data Aquisition System Model 304A
  • Motor Control with Wheel Encoder Feedback

Welder controller cabinet with locking key, and containing the following:

  • 1 Monolithic front panel with a display of 68 digits and touch keypads with visual tactile feedback.
  • 1 Display front panel printed circuit board.
  • 1 Processor printed circuit board, containing the microprocessor, associated memory with battery backup, parallel and serial I/O ports, variable baud rate, cassette interface circuits, visual INPUT/OUTPUT diagnostics, computer memory diagnostics, independent 3 phase line voltage monitoring and compensation, and the voltage generators for programming WELD and FORGE pressure.
  • 1 Peripheral interface printed circuit board, containing the internal power supplies, the solid state relays for valve solenoid operation, the INTERTRON tranceiver, and the SCR/IGNITRON pulse amplifiers.

Physical Dimensions: 12 1/4″h x 20 1/2″w x 6 1/2″d
Weight: 24 lbs.
Operating temperature: 0 to 60 degrees Centigrade
Input voltage and power consumption: 220/240/440/480 VAC 60HZ – 15 watts

  • Fixed timing functions, Tip travel 20 cycles, Precompression 4 cycles
  • Variable timing functions:
    SQUEEZE 0-99
    PREHEAT Imp. – Cool – Heat – Heat % – Heat decay – Heat decay % 0-99
    WELD Imp. – Cool – Heat – Heat % – Heat decay – Heat decay % 0-99
    POST HEAT Imp. – Cool – Heat – Heat % – Heat decay – Heat decay % 0-99
    QUENCH 0-99
    TEMPER Imp. – Cool – Heat – Heat % – Heat decay – Heat decay % 0-99
    HOLD 2-99
    OFF 0-99
    FORGE: Hi – Low – Var. Delay Start 000.0-999.9
  • Weld & Forge psi display: 00-99
  • Operating Modes: SPOT – SEAM – ROLL (intermittent drive)
  • Control Features:
    • Weld/No Weld, Repeat/One Shot, Tip/Wheel Dress, Foot Switch Lock, Motor ON and 110VAC/30VA Outputs for controlling up to seven valve solenoids and relays
    • Water Saver Timer. Shuts itself off when head is raised.
    • Tip Arc Relay Control
    • Two Stage Foot Switch Inputs, direct connection up to four foot pedals
    • Interrupt input to halt control and sound internal alarm if detects overheating, no water flow, or lack of adequate air pressure. (Detection devices not included.)
    • Line Voltage Compensator manual override
    • Programmable Slope in all three modes for generating complex heat waveforms
    • Weld schedule program under keylock. (Operator can vary % heat ±5% of previous heat setting.)
    • Internal switch (jumper) selects Frequency Converter of Full Wave Rectified D.C. operation.
    • Thumbwheel switch for instantaneous selection of 140 preprogrammed weld schedules, with all variables parameters as viewed on the front panel
  • Standard components supplied with each system:
    •  Welder controller cabinet
    • Power distribution transformer
    • Ignitron firing modules, or SCR firing modules
  •  RS 232 download, store and edit weld schedules on PC
  • Electronic Air Pressure Controller model 350A with dual output, for supplying pilot air pressure to WELD and FORGE air pressure regulators
    Operating range: 05 psi to 90 psi
    Resolution and Accuracy: ±0.5 psi
    Physical dimensions: 10″h x 3″w x 10″l
    Weight: 14 lbs.
    Input air pressure: 120 psi typical
  • Interlock Scanner. It interlocks the operation of up to ten controllers per scanner for sequential welding.
  • Interface for control from central computer
  • SCR firing package
  • IGNITRON firing package
  • Motor control with wheel surface speed encoder feedback
  • Model 304A Data Aquisition System