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150 KVA Sciaky Spot Welder, Model SPT2

Sciaky Alphatron 150 KVA SPT2, RV Alphatron-Sciaky SPT2, LV

Manufacturer: Sciaky,
Type: SPTQ2-40-150-30, Press type spot.
Primary Volts: 230-460/3/60.
KVA: 150 KVA,
Welding Capacity: Aluminum: 0.032”- 0.125”,
Stainless: 0.032”-0.125”,
Mild Steel: 0.032”-0.187”,
Secondary Volts Max: 5.8V,
Peak Secondary Amps: 90,000 Amps at 5 cycle pulse time.
Throat Dimensions: 10” X 30”.
Pressure Ratio: 50/1,
Cylinder Type: Retractable piston,  8” diameter,
Stroke: 3″,
Control: Unitrol Solution 3 phase
Contactors SCR, WATER COOLED, 1200 AMPS
2600 PIV
Machine Dimensions 95” H X 44” W X 87” D
Machine Weight 10,000 Lbs.
Comments: Perfect Sciaky  spot welder for a job shop, or an OEM with a wide range of spot welding projects.  Equipped with Unitrol Solution 9380 control, water cooled SCR contactors, and 400A/600V Built-In Circuit Breaker. Inlet and outlet water manifolds with sight flow indicators.  Inspect it under power in our plant. Ready to ship!Sciaky 150 KVA, SCR