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Unitrol solution

Solution Model




  • Microcomputer Control System offers ultimate flexibility with minimum components.unitrol-solution-1
  • Factory Programmed Software to handle all welding functions – now and in the future.
  • All Standard NEMA Weld Functions built-in and usable on all schedules.
  • 75 Schedule Memory with all NEMA functions in each program.
  • Consistent welder output is assured with the Automatic Voltage Compensation (AVC). This option maintains welder output at +/- 2% with an input line voltage variation of +/- 12%.
  • Electronic Counter automatically displays welds made or completed parts welded.
  • Water Saver Circuit to drive 115 volt solenoid valve, conserve water and protect operator during tip replacement.
  • Multi-Lingual Read-Out Display instantly keypad selectable for English, Spanish, French, Polish, or German.
  • Tip Pressure Calculation automatically calculates required pressure gauge setting for desired tip force.
  • Dual Level Initiation: Level A closes tips, Level B starts weld.
  • Anti-Tie Down for double palm button use, keypad selectable for latching or momentary operation.
  • Dual Heat: Two totally independent schedules.
  • Positive or Negative First 1/2 Cycle Firing, keypad selectable.
  • Half or Full Cycle Count, Keypad selectable.
  • Electronic Memory: No battery required. Retains all data for an unlimited time. Returns to last used program after power is turned on.


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