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Seam Welders Tweezer-Weld

Seam Welders TweezerWeldSWT-6 Seam WelderThe Tweezer-Weld Division of GEBO Corporation USA manufactures a complete line of high precision Seam Welding Equipment to streamline your welding operations. Tweezer-Weld Seam Welders are well suited for welding wire mesh “Woven” materials as well as light gauge stainless steel and can be specially ordered as longitudinal models for welding tubular products in lengths up to six feet. Specially designed for long life and high output, all Tweezer-Weld Seam Welders are air operated using the patented cantilever design for consistent electrode force. In addition, Tweezer-Weld Seam Welders models are available with all solid state welding controls and adjustable speed drives.

The Tweezer-Weld SWT-6 Seam Welder is waterSeam Welders TweezerWeld cooled and widely used in processing woven materials, including filter screens. The system is capable of both pulsation and continuous seam welding processes. The SWT-6 can be supplied in a variety of throat depths with “drive” in upper or lower electrodes coincident with the requirements of the application.

Tweezer-Weld Systems can be specially configured for a broad range of applications including multiple operations. For example, this Tweezer-Weld Seam Welder forms a circular filter by applying a longitudinal seam weld to wire mesh. In a separate operation, the filters are capped at both ends by seam welding pre-made caps over the outside finish of the filter. Similar systems to fabricate a variety of parts are easily developed with the modular Tweezer-Weld System design.

SWT-6 Technical Features: Type Press kVA Range Up to 125 kVA Electrode Force 25 to 250 lbs. Vernier Adjustment Dimensions 27″Hx7.5″Wx13″D Electrode Size 3 ½” Diameter Standard Throat Depth Minimum 7 Speed Variable Speed Drive Unit 3 ½” Diameter Wheel: Up to 45ft/min 3″ Diameter Wheel: Up to 39ft/min