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Weld Controllers Tweezer-Weld

Control Models

TW-1000 Weld Controller

TW1000 Weld Controllers TweezerWeld

Features & Capabilities:

  • Spot Sequence 50 Unique Schedules Pulsation
  • Sequence Chained & Successive Modes Up & Down
  • Slope Repeat & Non-Repeat
  • Quench/Temper Weld & Valve Control Relays
  • Forge Delays 3 Valve Output
  • Multiple Weld/Current Sequence
  • Multiple Weld Programming
  • External Schedule Select Seam Sequence
  • Easily Programmed/Multiple Set-ups Process & Error Outputs

DC-80 Weld Controller

The DC-80 is a portable D.C. power supply ideally suited for use with hand-held attachments and small weld heads.

Effective applications for the DC-80 are:

  • cross wire welding
  • thermo-couple welding
  • miscellaneous resistive applications
  • medical/dental weldments

The DC-80 is ideal for precision welding of miniature parts and plated materials such as bi-metal contacts, tungsten filaments, miniature relays, and precious metal accessories.

The DC80 operates on 110-115 volts AC. A receptacle is located at the rear of the unit for connection of a foot switch or a weld head initiation micro switch.

TW9160 Weld Controllers

The TW-9160 model weld controller eases the programming process by using accurate simple thumbwheels. Various SCR and voltages are available using the chart below.